I specialize in the following:

  • Dispute Resolution, also known as "Fighting the Canada Revenue Agency", especially at the administrative level (audits and objections). Many of my clients call me a magician for my ability to make proposed reassessments "disappear". I do this for both income tax and GST/HST. I also undertake Voluntary Disclosures for clients, to eliminate penalties on past mistakes or failure to file returns. Click here to read some "Magic" case histories.

  • GST and HST consulting:  How will a particular transaction be treated?

  • Tax writing and review. As Canada's most prolific tax author, I have substantial expertise in how to take difficult tax issues and make them clear. I have "ghost-written" articles and books on tax for clients, and can review any article or paper you are writing and make suggestions for improvements.

  • I can communicate with clients fluently in English and Yiddish, and passably in Portuguese, French and Hebrew.