I am recognized as the leading authority in Canada on the Goods and Services Tax and Harmonized Sales Tax, through my authorship of the following publications (published by Carswell / Thomson Reuters):

  • Canada GST Service (21 volumes)
  • GST & HST Times newsletter
  • The Practitioner's Goods and Services Tax, Annotated with Harmonized Sales Tax
  • Canada GST Cases
  • GST Memoranda, Bulletins, Policies & Info Sheets
  • GST & HST Case Notes newsletter
  • GST & Commodity Tax newsletter (editor 1996-2000)
  • GST Partner CD-ROM

  • My Analysis in the Canada GST Service is the only detailed commentary on every section of the GST and HST legislation. The GST Case Notes and Canada GST Cases contain my detailed case comments on every reported Court decision dealing with the GST or HST. My Analysis and case comments have been quoted with approval many times by the Courts.

    Because I work so intensively with the GST/HST legislation and case law, I know it "inside out" and can come up with solutions that few others would find.

    In May 2004 I spent an afternoon teaching GST to the Judges of the Tax Court of Canada, at the request of the Judges, to improve their ability to decide GST appeals.

    I have also done extensive work on behalf of clients, solving GST problems, dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency and making proposed GST/HST assessments "disappear". Click here to read some "Magic" case histories.