Many of my clients call me a magician. With my encyclopaedic knowledge of both income tax and GST/HST legislation, honed through decades of writing commentary, annotations and case comments as well as dealing with the government on behalf of clients, I can "work wonders" for clients who are facing an assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada), or considering a Voluntary Disclosure.

If you are facing a reassessment or proposed reassessment from the CRA, or if you have failed to report an amount of tax owing, I can quickly help you understand:

  • what your rights are

  • what chances you have of winning

  • whether you would benefit from my professional assistance

  • If you have a losing case, I will tell you so -- and help you find a way to settle it if possible.

    If you have a good case but the amount at stake does not warrant my intervention, I will explain the case and solution to you so you can handle it on your own.

    If there is any hope for your case, I will find it.

    NOTE: If you are well past the deadline for objecting to or appealing an assessment, and your problem is that CRA Collections is enforcing collection by freezing your assets or seizing your bank accounts, there is likely very little that I can do for you. My specialty is in contesting the assessment. Once your appeal deadline passes, you usually have no legal recourse against the CRA enforcing its rights and collecting the tax from you.

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