The Fight

Young and Free,
Still Innocent.

A large shape appears.
It's power is obvious, radiating from it.
It is large and soft, fits into almost anything.
Yet it has edges; that can peirce the heart.
-Maybe it will be ok, leave me alone...-

It strikes.
Powerful cut, straight at my heart.
I stagger.
It somehow comforts, and for a while is nice.
Then it twists.
-Stupid. We're hurt!!-

It retreats, or rather
I run.
Ok, far away, rest.
I feel it loom close.

It strikes.
I feel the blow hit.
But I have flinched and it misses the heart.
-Too close!!-

-You need a defence, You can't do it on your own.-
Ok. Try and help me.

The power strikes.
Straight blow, right and true for the heart.
I look in my hands, and find a case.
I deflect the blow, but just barely.

-Needs improvement. Next time, It shall be perfect.-

Farmiliar feeling.
The power is looming close.
Case at the ready.
Swing is begun.
I raise the case.
I cannot really see what happens,
But the effectiveness is obvious when I lower the case.


Again the power.
Renewed and fresh.
Give it a try, maybe it will leave.
One try.

The blow strikes home,
And more powerfully than before,
Since it seems to feed on the memory.
The Power twists.
Leaving me empty and hurt.

*Another time...*

The Power is coming.
I feel its presence.
Hold up the case.
Wait for the blow.

*I see the case be raised. The Power swings a hard blow.
Straight on.
The Case is a mirror.
No ability to create on it's own.
Just cruel reflections.
The blow is returned.
It twists cruely and harms with
some new weapons.
It uses sarcasm.
It uses coolness.
It uses evil.*

-Case works well.-
But I can not see.

A final strike.
The Power lunges.
*Come here.*
The blow reaches the case,
I see it from a new angle.
It throws a twisting
Dripping and venemous
Reflection back.
I see it peirce the power.
-The Power has hurt you. Kill it!-
I pause. Is this right?
-The Power has hurt you. DESTROY IT!-
I twist.

And feel my heart somehow die.