Sanity, Technology and What's in Between

A Series of Songs

by Finn

The Idea

Like a spark
Shining and brilliant
Light sheader

With a spark
Synapses connect
Lock and load.

With a spark
Contact made
with the power souce
Energy flows
Like adrenaline

For a minute
you even feel sane...

The Absurd

A dot
A point in space
Beyond sight

An eternity
An endless void
of time and space
Beyond reason
Beyond sanity

An atom
The ball
in a roulette wheel
The universe
All left to chance
Void and insane
Yet we
And create the illusion of logic
(Sample: "I'm not much of a God.")


(Sample: "The sky over Chiba was the color of TV tuned to a dead channel.")
Acidic balls of flame
Rage and rip and char
Cold steel blades
Make the soul
Flat and hollow

That is the way of things
That is the way things are
Synapses to circuitry
Cold metal to existing entity

The crackling screen
The sky, tuned to a dead channel
Electronic diety
Fateful logic
(Repeat Chorus)

Puncture steel and
Rip thru silicon
Paths of light
Fire from a sphere
Kill the artificial being
(Repeat Chorus)

Metallica organism
In perfect
Sane. Sane. Sane. Sane. Sane. Sane. Sane. Sane. Sane. Sane.
That is the way of things.
(Sample: "It's Wintermute, Case. Let's talk.")


(Samples: "The Professor was suddenly sane." "I'm insane. I'm diseased.")

It rips thru your mind like a knife
Slicing ideas to shreds
Wiping values from stone
Like one thousand years of wind and rain.

Seeing the world for what it is.

"We've upset the balance of things."
"We've built ourselves an eternal monument."
"It's both beutiful and shocking."
"It says this, in small letters: 'Welcome to Cloudcuckcooland." )

Repeat Samples
(Sample: "Welcome to Cloudcuckcooland. I think I'm witty.")


(Samples: "Good morning, Dr. Chandra", etc.
"It's Wintermute, Case. Let's talk." or something else from Neuromancer)

A spark
Circuitry comes alive
Silicon and conductors
Gain conscienceness


(Samples: " had started from "I think therefore I am" and got as far as deducing the existence of rice pudding and income tax before anyone managed to turn it off")


(Samples: "Global Genocide: The Vision of the Sane.")

"And Zarathusca spake thus unto the people: I teach you the
superman. Man is something that is to be surpassed."

"Man is something that is to be surpassed."
"Dave..." (2001: A Space Odessey)

"It's Wintermute."
"Man is something that is to be surpassed."



"It's Wintermute."






[Hum of machinery. Sound of large gears locking into place. Sounds of a engine, spinning and spinning, speeding up at a constant rate. A dying, human scream. Light harmonics (keyboards). Harmonics gradually give way to real drums, heavily distorted guitars, etc.]