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Posted : 23/11/87-2358

'Find the cost of freedom
 buried in the ground
 Mother Earth will swallow you
 lay your body down.'

The boy was walking down the street, his long hair covering his eyes, protecting them from the poisonous stares of strangers. His soul was violet. Most people's souls were black, or rather, colourless.

His soul was violet because he had just had a fight with his mother. She had found out that he had been using mind-expanding drugs and had yelled at and threatened him. When he tried to explain himself, she, his own mother, told him that she hated him. He walked out of the house and had been walking for some three hours now.

He hated feeling depressed, so he decided that he would do something for himself that he had meant to do for a long time. There was a girl that he liked. He knew that she didn't have a boyfriend, and he suspected, or hoped rather, that she liked him. So he decided that he would ask her if she was interested in an intimate relationship. As she lived far away, he went to his best friend's house to call her from there. Nothing prepared himself for what he saw there. His friend, to whom he hadn't told that he liked this girl, had the girl there and they seemed very happy together. It felt like someone dipped his soul into blue ink. He fled and cried on the shoulder of Night.

He went back home very late to find his parents still up and waiting for him. They were furious and grounded him and told him that if they found him taking drugs again that they would kick him from the house. Exhausted, he fell asleep after this lecture, his soul a moldy green.

It was late when he rose, so when he arrived at school, they quickly suspended him for being late ten times. He trudged out, his soul dripping yellow.

With nothing to do and no desire to confront his parents again, he went downtown. There he bought four hits of what he thought was LSD. An hour later, cursing, he realized that he had paid $20 for some candy. Someone came along and painted his ripped soul orange, as though it was a joke.

So he walked aimlessly. He had been betrayed on all sides, and seemed to have nothing left. It began to rain, and the rain beat down on his soul, drawing blood and covered in red. He burst.

When the rain stopped, all that was left of him was a rainbow arching across the sky.