Punk -- Eisen Guard

I pulled my fingers out, the slightly sticky fluid coating them like gel. I wanted so bad, it had been so long.. you know, when your chest feels tight and you can barely breathe. A pressure on your body that makes you rigid and it's an effort to move.

"Another inch.. now, to the left. Right.. "

The amp was turned up to loud it was giving off ozone. It's not that I don't want to protect myself from UV, I just don't think it should be done with Nina Hagen. Nine Inch Nails, maybe.

"Not so fast.. There, you've got it."

Everyone thinks a backseat driver is an asshole, and if they can't shut the fuck up, I'll give them a second one with a .22

"Put the gun away.. I'll be good."

Never believe that people can't listen to reason. Really. Most people can be most equable when given sufficient reason to be so. Even people from New York.

Now if only I could get the green crawlies off my arms.. I hate this time of year, it's when they spawn. They eat the dead skin on your arms and hide in your sleeve. They're passed along when you shake hands. Filthy habbit. I alway wear gloves anyway, said the doorman.

"Alright, punk, another foot and you're gonna be a bathtub-sized popscicle."

C'mon, Dukes of Hazzard went out of syndication years ago. Down he goes. If you're gonna shoot, shoot, don't talk. Dammit, outa quarters.