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 Date:02-Dec-87  0636h
And the king did sit upon his throne. The Grand Vizier selected another contraption from his box.

He pressed the buttons and pulled the many levers upon it. A great shrieking and wailing set up, and many-hue lights flashed about the room.

The Vizier looked to the King, but the King nodded no.

Then the Vizier pulled out a small whistle. He blew upon it and a shrill tone blew out. Shortly afterward, a great tall beast-thing came from the closet of the King, and with much shrieking it chased the King about the room. The King, obviously angered, had the Vizier call the thing off.

This had been the Vizier's 14th invention. After this passed great buckets of water that came raining from the ceiling, an exagerated sound of money being counted, the sound of a victorious battle, many beautiful ladies of the court, and finally the entire royal chamber was made to shake in all directions.

None pleased the King. Throughout all of this the same expression remained on his face. When it was finished, he looked to his Vizier, expecting more.

The Vizier shrugged.

"So be it", said the King. "If my greatest advisor cannot create an adequate alarm clock, I shall sleep in."