Journal, November 13th.

Today, somewhere, Linda is celebrating her birthday. Am beginning to feel strange compulsion to do myself injury. Keep catching movement out of corners of my eye. Am not feeling right.

Journal, November 15th.

Have not slept in last two days. Cannot shake the feeling I am being watched. The ventilation grille in my bedroom keeps making strange sounds, like something is moving around behind it. My cat is jumpy and hisses at empty corners.

Journal, November 16th.

Woke up this morning feeling much better for having taken all those sleeping pills, then looked at my bedroom floor. All the knives from the kitchen had been placed in a circle around my bed, blades pointed toward me. Cannot recall doing this myself, though it may have been somnabulism induced by recent insomnia.

Journal, November 17th.

Phone rang in kitchen today, but when I answered, all I heard was a radio. When I hung up, heard a radio upstairs, coming from my parent's old room. Phone in parents room had been taken off hook. Am beginning to feel very frightened. Still swear I can catch movement out of the corners of my eyes.

Journal, November 18th.

Had to take hand off today. Wasn't listening to me, kept trying to choke me. Gave cat to neighbour. Think he may have noticed the blood. At least Sunny is safe next door.

Journal, November 19th.

Left leg gone now, had to use bandsaw. Right eye also gone. No more movement in corners of my eyes. Feeling much better about this.

Journal, November 20th.

Attached new leg and hand today. Had some difficulty sawing through frozen flesh but didn't want to let her thaw for fear she might spoil. Leg and hand do not seem to be working yet. Will give them time.

Journal, November 21st.

Leg is improving. Have discovered source of problems with hand, but couldn't get wedding band off, so had to remove whole finger. No problem, can re-attach later.

Journal, November 22nd.

Summoning rituals are not working. Must get it right soon, or more shadows will come.

Journal, November 23rd.

Power failed today. Mom thawed a bit before I could pack her in ice. Master will not be pleased.