Subject: Wuff!
From: smarry
Message-ID: <3BZ5N2w162w@zooid.UUCP>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 90 22:48:49 EDT

Once again, to pop by goal stack once and for most.

Raoul! Raaaaaouol!

(lions and tigers)

I HAAAAATE this crabgrass! Hate it!

(hatred, weeping)

So do it, pissod. Get it done. Finish the network link. Eh? YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

Withered apples? What was that.. it wasn't possibly big tits?

Oh, swell up and die, you fatuous gobbler.

(boing) KILL

It's a green day, it's a red day, it's a prehistoric anvil tree.. From the, bleeding hillside It's a rage all across history

Old gits, you should soak in gas and light New twits, go and screw yourselves up tight.

Death beam, and the night shade They'll just rip your brains and rissole...!

(Everyone is embarrassed to be caught excreting. Feces or noise, it makes no difference.)

Electronic feces are the end product of what process? Of what original ingredients? Are the context sensitive? Could Shannon have missed all this become a nightclub owner?

It's a strange and confusing world. We make more money that way.

Sprackle. Just wanted to say that.




Oh, it's a horrible day.

I mean, it's so DARK out.. oh wait.

D'you know what happens when you miss eight daylight savings time changeovers in a row? A horrible sound.

blud. blud blud blidb blfg

Pay no attention to the man in the corner. He's having fun, an express violation of company regulations. The bastard knows our HRC exemption would fall apart if we tried to use it.

Rods. Rods and axles and pulleys. Something sexy about pulleys. Rods leave me cold, though.

A fully automated ore tipple ate my pulsating dickvoid.

"And there will be no release, by catharsis or profanity. Anality, obscenity, banality: in vain. Only by persistent and unalloyed reality can purpose and near-sanity every hope to reign."

It's been a horrible day, just horrible.

Like any other day, really. I just cut loose about it this time.

Maybe I'll quit my job. Not tomorrow. That's a dayoff. Just as well that I turned out to be working on the non-existent tuesday.

Overwhelming waves of disgust and vulgarity. Spasms on the keyc: ,:ha:qldboard doing nothing... nothing.. too many people are grabbing at the controls.

I think I do know... I do know. We're all individuals,,, ... we're all... we're.. I had a..

I had a turning pin and the gaskets let smoke into the water.. punting.. don't get the engine wet.

I had a revelation some time this morning (a week ago) annd in that co-current now I realized that it's no wonder individualism gives people such hives, they're not people, they're lots of people, and if they're real individualists, they're going to give their neighbours quite a shock, I say. It's the physical constraints that carry the day. A system at too far a remove must act on its own, amputation by decision, or by omission.

But morally nothing is sacred, and the split-brain patient who reaches towards a clothes rack with two hands and pulls back two different suits/socks/shirts tells the tale, hidden you bet not.

You're all individuals, but you're all in the same tank. It's the tank that they're shooting at. Hope all of you know how to drive this thing.

I guess so.

Hogus, ogus, it, is more of a lightmare than I thought.

feEling soMewhat better