The Case

I own a magic case. It tells me things.

I sat in the park and watched. I was happy. She wouldn't be long. He came. I looked, and my case was packed.

A classroom. Learning. I noticed her from afar. Gentle, kind. I was catious. A year I waited. I was sure. A friend. She stopped talking to me. I asked for help! I looked, and my case was packed.

A good friend. Help fix car, see concert, do stuff. Fun. Lies. Ridicule?! I looked, and my case was packed.

Hot summer. I notice her. Pretty, gentle, affectionate, funny. Careful! 2 years. Can't face her, too shy. Write a letter. No return. I looked, and my case was packed.

Best friend. PoeTic, kind, caring, in-touch, insightful. Phone lots, type lots. Share emotions, share feelings. Cheered up. Happy. Leaves. 'Didn't care for me too much?!?' I looked, and my case was BRIMMING.

Never met, but friendly. Finally meet. Cute, nice. I looked, but my case won't unpack.

someone take this goddam case...

Prince of Lamneth

Of Self Importance..

Think of what a wind must be
To a small spider
Clinging to a wall

Perhaps we are like the spider
Self-absorbed with our tornadoes
Which are but a sighing breath
Of the vast whole

by Christopher Kevin Wilson aka Prince of Thieves. Wednesday May 27, 1987

The Grand Folly

Education or hypocrisy?
To sit all day
And be entranced
By other thoughts

How can they call this
Fast-food regurgitation
Of pre-programmed facts

Christopher Wilson aka Prince of Thieves Wednesday May27'87


Why? Why do you seek to read this?

Go back. Go back to your life
full of reasons. You will
not find the answer hidden
here, buried in some twisted

Nor will reading this grant
you some second sight, some
higher form of thought. It
will teach you nothing. You
are wasting your time.

So why do you read on?


And yet to read on. You have
been insulted; you are not reading
merely because it is too much
trouble to stop.

You seek answers. You will not
find them here.

And now, your Answer should seem