Some Old BBS Files

Over the course of my BBSing life, I accumulated a bunch of files. Here are the ones I consider tolerably readable.
Aptitude Test
Compare it with this one and this one.
A "tale", or multi-author story, from ZOOiD BBS.
New dimensions in battery advertising.
Blessed Be
New words for "Let It Be" by the Beatles.
The Incredible Bread Machine
An economic-political cautionary tale, in verse.
Poems by Christopher Kevin Wilson
Chris, if you're out there, drop me a line.
How bad can separation anxiety get? Pretty bad.
Uses for cookies, from the DUMBoard, by Alan Bruce.
DEC Wars!
Star Wars done computer-style.
Common Computer Errors
The trouble-shooting guide of last resort.
Farewell to Roger
Mortality comes home to roost.
Poems from Fountain of Lamneth
By the users of the BBS of the same name.
ZOOiD Freakout
One day, logged on to ZOOiD, I freaked out.
The Friendly Poem
It's your friend. It's not like the others.
A Problem in the Making
Some computers are under a curse. HAL's problems are only beginning.
He and She
The sexual double standard in short form.
The journal of someone.. odd.
Yet another confused tale from ZOOiD BBS.
Sometimes, nothing works.
Resource exploitation, AKA mining, AKA, something impolite.
Let Others Play God
The fish tank as microcosm.
A working summer.
The Quest for Sanity
Just about the longest tale from the DUMBoard.
Bob Rae
The current (1995) premier of Ontario comes begging for advice to..
A metaphorical bad day.
Sanity and Technology
Songs for the information age.
Violent take on the "When you eat your smarties.." song.
Smarties Tarot
Taking a tarot reading with smarties.
Spatch, Cat Burglar
That's cat in the literal sense.
The Fight
The Case reappears in a sinister guise.
Poems by Turin and SpiKey
Two lean, mean, sysopin' machines.
I forget what this one is about.
Uncle Wiggly's Pit of Drool
and other degeneracy.

Here's one I wrote: Unicode Ate My Brain.